Amaizin, a devoted poet, is from New York City. At Petersburg Correctional Complex he facilitates creative writing groups, and produces legendary musical performances. He uses these platforms to express truth and uplift people. Utilizing his gift for inspiration, he intends to motivate society to embrace their selves, one soul at a time 


  August 10, 2018



parallel to mirror effects, got my optics visualizing yesterdays and stressed todays

and revealing what's left- 

I'm here again

And no matter how far I go, here I am

stuck in life's portrait with the paint fading..

fading away my existence

draining away my resistance, assisting life's plan for my destruction

in an artistic way

whether a thousand miles per hour, or motionless

reality's pains strain my brain-causing my emotions to decay

I'm here again

Wondering and asking myself: what's the difference?

the difference between prison cells and living rooms?

designer shoes and prison boots?

back porches, looking at kids play in the yard,

and men hurting, walking laps on the prison yard like damn...

I'm here again

with a million dollar question, like damn, where did I fail?

and just as quick, your mind reminded by the lies you tell,

to others and to yourself--now you're surviving in hell again

consequences still remaining the same 

because even though you said you've changed, you still use devilish ways

promising to be with saints, but your still running with snakes

running in place

and now you're here again, contemplating your fate

wishing, thinking, and wishing again--on cleaning your slate

hoping, dreaming, and hoping again on living a productive way

home, not here, not locked away

closed eyelids open and see true lies bursting

and see's a grown man crying..

effects of a mirror

shows reflections of him..hurting..

because he is here again



March 13, 2018


I know what you're thinking...

I've walked and I have ran, I've climbed and fell

got up and climbed again

Through rain, sleet and snow, through

Heats that toast sand

I've moved in pursuit to execute all plans

My desires are gripping, and my passions are on fire

My heartbeat thumps with intensity

Squeezing, pumping blood through my veins fueling

My willpower...I am driven

No longer neutral or idle, I am determined

Accelerating, I am focused on elevation...exclamation point please!

I know what you are thinking...

The what if the, what ifs, manage to manifest enough

Negative stress, enough, senseless mess to interfere

With any forms of my progress...To somehow

Escalate a problem beyond my next steps, inflict or,

Intercept a hail Mary pass to me that would have solidified

My success, intending my demise, preventing my,

Elevation...exclamation point please, I know what you're thinking

That I'm next to lose if I don't win

And that I'm next to win if I don't lose

These hurdles I'm jumping, keep coming, I'm jumping

I'm tired, I'm huffing yet avid, redundant

My motive is nothing other than...excellence

Excellence is defined as superb, defined as superior

Am I not deserving? Does my mirror not reflect the 

Image of the possessor of splendid, does the sky

Hold a limit that is yet to be grazed, and if yes,

Am I wrong for my genuine commitment?

For my vividest vision of victorious business

My patience, my listening to my soul's intuition

My faith in myself, my main purpose for living

My hunger for elevation, exclamation point please

I know what you're thinking...

The anticipation of defeat, the optimism of achievement

The anxiety for results, the opposite of completion

The predictions of the pessimistically enthused who

Challenge your ambition...what are you after?

What are your limits, what exactly are your standards?

If you can see them, then they are not high enough

Who has told you that winning is easy?

That hard work was indeed unnecessary, overrated

That it is very much so unneeded? They lied. They have lied to you.

Underestimation is equivalent to failure

To a degree of detrimental stagnation until that unbalanced

State, until that imbalance in your train of thought

Is properly proportioned...effectively...effectively

Especially, if your intentions are elevation

Exclamation point please..

I know exactly what you're thinking

Keep your spirits up, and your life on your mind

Keep all of your doubts in your life down, if your goal is to rise

If your goal is to shine, then your goal should be to climb

To keep running, keep stride, keep the past where it is at

Move forward in time, move forward, move forward

Fall forward, not backwards, when falling is imminent

Is inevitable...required for appreciation in its totality

For your standing... for your reaching, for freedom,

For success, life is, and always will be 

About elevation...exclamation point please...I know what you're thinking

Because every great person shares those thoughts.


Feb 9, 2018


I hear them say...

save the people...please- save the people

our social goal is to- treat each as equal

and to- bring forth justice to- discipline evils and to 

chastise delinquents when leaders seem feeble

it is so important...imperative even

we uphold a standard, that separates strength from weakness 

and decodes a pretense I'm just relatively speaking

we have a constitutional blueprint

but really, who's leading?

who are the designated followers? 

and where are their designated drivers

to their upgraded palaces that were promised-

if they paid dues and paid homage

paid tax, stayed honest and believed that-

we'd succeed if we stayed close in bondage

showed trust and no malice

just relax and if we ever fall-

they'll be here

to save the save all the people...

but in real life-

reality will teach you... that nothing is something

and that something is less than half of equal

that it's rules and regulations...temptations will tease you

use modes of moderation, don't let desires mislead you

society is simply a trivia...

and penalties for false answers

can separate you from society quicker

than the thought of it pictured

that loneliness scale is frozen on bitter

that form of cold is-

equivalent to frost nips and shivers

politics...result of social politics,

go figure

when freedoms of some sort are rendered

and liberties are considered and voted upon for existence...

when chances and opportunities are righteously given

and the wise...just give the wisdom...and share the knowledge- what's missing?

most deaths, that's witnessed

perhaps could have been prevented

our slack- replenished- how we all stack...reinvented

give me fish on a plate, and I'll finish

teach me to fish in that lake, and I'll eat endless

how can I salvage... and refurnish what had been tarnished and blemished?

The terrors in the world...

only reflect what's in it

lives dramatically change.. when wars are waged and

no one knows what did it.. don't get it

don't quite understand how things seem so distant

but yet still... appears in an instant...

society is evolving...

things are changing and people are still starving-

minds are altered, some brains- just ain't working

some pains just ache often

the blame- it aims awkward, repeats- then plays forward

you stop- and wait for it...just grew patience...

they're save the people...

you trust them? to save the people?

have patience- they say to the people

who's waiting- for relief of starvation

from hunger, from the wonder

the need for liberation, they're done with conversations

pre-tenses...and stagnations

It's tough-

they grew hate for a nation, the love is fading

It's simple-

the demands that they seek is