Davon Bland


It's In The Air

Aug 8, 2018


It's in the air...the panic and pandemonium

the confusion that transcends the unusual

unification of two things gruesome

into something beautiful.

The way you or I would utilize

the mind in order to stereotype and scrutinize

or to merely turn truth into lies

in order to ruin lives...

It's in the air...the niggardly ambition

of one who's intent, through fear,

is to manipulate current affairs,

so, like a pot of stew, they stir the air

and by way of cause and effect,

one's morals are subject to change

per the quarrels and stress of those 

who lack substance and conquers wars through death...

It's in the air...the formula to the solution of life's problems

the intricate details that boggle perceptions

the message...the lessons...

the knowledge...

The acute perspectives that defines

the most asked questions,

to such a degree, in which the answer

lies right before one's eyes

It's in the air...the medium

which one uses to convey thoughts.

Knowing that once I utter my decree

at 1,056 ft per second above sea...

That which created in mind

is now manifested via matter

per sonic vibrations that redefine

the conceptual structures of atoms.

It's in the air...to where as 

once spoken, the air waves become open

alternating between unseen forces 

that flow by forward motion.

And once perceived, that knowledge

becomes the wise words that, once spoken,

becomes the key to help others

understand such blunt notions...

It's in the air...let it resonate


allow the pressure of said words to build

until the vocal levee breaks...

It's in the air...


  So Far We've Come

by D. Bland  March 10, 2018


I ponder the change...I contemplate the transformations that we've made

as a people, from then til now, in this new day and age.

I...I think about all the things that transpired...the slave trade, 

the genocide, the indoctrination, the riots. The dreamers that prophesized.

The...prejudiced deprivation that enabled segregation, and...ended

in sacrificed lives.

It's been a long time coming...but does it end here?

I pray for continuous elevation, but degradation is all I've heard.

And Solomon said that: " Life and Death is in the power of the tongue",

so why do our actions speak louder than our words...

"In the beginning was the word"...one of the most famously quoted lines...

but it's a lie!!! Because words are the by-product of thought,

which is a reflection of the mind. See, thought came first, then the words

were transcribed, but... they say that, that which was second is first

because words are manifested in time. So think, brothers, My brothers...

thinking is an action that keeps our words circumscribed, and a man who 

thinks five times before speaking, is truly said to be wise.

So, first save self and then save lives...So far we've come...to where as our

tribulations and our trials don't seem much grander than our goal.

Our aims become deterred by the distractions that were thrown.

And for some of is that have seen those stones which laid amidst the 

road we roam and stayed true...we stayed bold.

Our vision is never blurring, we stayed focused, we stayed cold- never warming 

to those..."histories" they've told.

All we know is that...we stand for centuries of broken souls of those

who were pulled from , or slain in those broken homes.

...The first Creation of the Creation. Betrayed by those who envied,

and slain by those who were in abnegation of the truth, which some call

a mystery...is this a curse? To be sent forth first...to be deceived,

to be trampled. But we arose, we adapted, we've shown that our bones

aren't just ample. We endured, strived, fought, stood,

Made history, changed history and understood what's over stood.

So far we've come...from those slaves to these presidents, I ponder such change

I contemplate the transformation that we've made as a people, in this new day and age.

Views- by  Davon Bland

March 2, 2018

As I peer through lenses at a world unevolved 

confliction settles...

witnessing the good die young, due to the persistence

of these vindictive rebels

those who chose oppression over liberation, 

who pD. Blandlace false knowledge before education

would rather pursue destruction and degradation, 

but would debate equality and better wages... 

See, some say there exists a bigger picture 

and pragmatically speaking, it encompasses all raw truths 

and the line that divides bravery and stupidity is blurred 

due to the youth who's in lieu of the wrong boots 

in desperate need to fill shoes that won't fit 

or make woeful attempts 

to express views they don't get 

from crews and cliques 

to groups of movements and schools, cause like fish 

we move in unison as one unit, we're smooth and swift 

but it's a lose-lose, as if 

certain rules got bent 

by dudes who were sent to free, but went with greed 

and our ancient creeds, with a mix of jewels 

were submerged in pools, knowing it's truth 

would imbue controversial views 

Views that these murals won't portray 

Views that these false prophets won't say 

Things that these MP3's won't play 

no more than what encripted scriptures will convey 

But, no more...No more! To the decay, I say no more 

I state that from a standpoint that stands for more 

with my hands up, I prance with joy 

as this ficticious decay of the government's ploy 

first, get exposed, and then destroyed 

and then I go and ponder...I sit and ponder 

as I peer through lenses at this world 

and listen to its ridiculous news 

shaking my head, knowing how each pivotal move 

could egregiously influence our ubiquitous views