Victory by Ontae Butler aka Generation Changer

December 3, 2018

Lord we come to you humbly and boldly,

through the we are given

we thank you that now

we are holy

We thank you for deliverance 

we thank you for healing

no matter where we stand today,

it is your work on the cross in our faith,

that we believe we are free from prison

Use us heavenly father

we need you,

we submit to your will for the mission

you blessed us with heavenly gifts and

we must put them to work in the end

'cause we know that time is ticking

Lord, whatever you're doing

don't do it without us;

you've given us the victory

over the world where we used to be

No more bondage, captivity, poverty

Lord I declare and decree souls free,

not just for the generation changers

but also for the elderly

Victory says its never too late,

victory means new-beginnings,

we win a clean slate

no more sickness or disease

no more fake, blessings coming on time now

no longer late

The wages of sin is death,

but the gift of God is eternal life

as we sow we reap victory snatching 

souls out of the fire

Lord we thank you,

we thank you as we pray

release angels that they go before us

as we work in the field

We all got one thing in common

what the church deems:

"called out ones"

and as we stand n unity

today Pops, your will be done

on earth as it is in heaven

in Jesus' name,

hear the church say:



Ontae Butler



If I can live and die for Christ,

then I can open eyes and give sight

Lead a nation like Moses did so when

I'm speaking, it enlightens lives.

Paint the perception in my mind,

they'll see a mighty God vs. Satan.

To reject all that was paid for is

to neglect the Lord when the world ends.

Reap what you sow, not just a tenth.

I'm not sneak dissing or arguing,

to set a trend is to tell the truth 

don't take from it and create a myth.

Molded from the dust by Elohim,

in layman's terms that's God with us.

Coughing up smoke from the fire, 

once burnt in hell but saved by Messiah.

Work for Satan, never worshipped him,

because the seeds he sewed didn't get me high enough.

Traded on him for the highly things,

sold out for the Godly stuff.

I never said I won't fall or nothing,

but when the cameras on I'm still runnin',

God working and I'm feeling that, 

convicted now when I carry straps.

But I pray to God for that armored vest,

So when I sin against him I'm still clothed in flesh.

Holding on like I'm the chosen one, 

like Tupac, I'm coming back.

Nowadays they copycatting, everybody wants to shoot, 

got us all wearing R.I.P. shirts because dying in the hood

is a known act.

But all it takes is time and patience and dreams come true,

that's a known fact.

I'm here to say many things but to make a long story

short, he's coming back.

Martin Luther King with his dream

Rosa Parks decides to stay

Harriet Tubman on the train

And Christ on the Cross.