Michael Salvatore



Michael Salvatore contributes his special brand of literary food for the people through Breaking Free Poets. His goal is to reach peoples innermost spirits with his words, and invoke inspiration within others to achieve their own greatness.

August 23, 2018



Have you ever seen a grown man cry

over the loss of love

Ever notice that tear drop slowly 

whenever her name is brought up

Ever seen the pain that lives

deep within the cut

behind the scar left through the 

years by the slice felt in the gut

Ever ask this man what it could be

that leaves such a mark

How the healing is a vital need to

feel again his heart

Ever wonder to yourself if that kind of

love exists

If in search for gold, you unearth her soul

and find that love does live

Few can say they truly know

because they've seen inside a dream

I'm one of those lucky few

who can sleep and find his queen


July 10, 2018

Monkey Man

My little boy, my monkey man;

is my gift of joy from munchkin land.

My greatest achievement is you,

my greatest regret is leaving again;

making you believe my love isn't true.

The questions you have,

the pain you feel,

the confusion why Daddy's not there.

I can't imagine what's been caused by my absence, 

how you must think that Daddy doesn't care.

I know your little mind wonders at times

what your Daddy is like.

Am I big and strong?

Am I ever coming home?

Am I your hero with the ability of flight?

Or do these thoughts not occur

because your Mom speaks not a word

of the man that you think of?

Either way, 

believe me when I say:

You are my first love

You are who I dream of;

who inspires me to become the best that I can be.

You are my hero when I've felt less than zero, 

The reason your Father believes.



Picture this...

A scene so vivid it's

literally colors and wonders,

it's no wonder it

is only seen when one slumbers in

a dream state, 

a release from pain.

Comfort from what's believed to be displayed

on the screen on this brain

Who can conceive of a place?

Who would wanna leave such a place?

Please let me stay.

if just for a day.

Please may I play

under the sun with no need for shade.

I wonder if 

I simply slipped and wondered in...

Picture This

May 12, 2018


Before to Now


           May 10, 2018

No more day ones...

Because, ever since my days begun, starting

over replaced the days that were fun.

Before I was an active addict;

Before I wreaked havoc, and became a savage:

Before anything I'd seen I had to have it- 

and by any means I' grabbing.

Before all the things in my life I had acquired,

I gave away.

Before the "Law" required me to stay away.

Before my days were filled with the guilt

and shame my addiction caused me to make...

I lost so much to the "befores"

To the, "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired,

I don't wanna be me anymore..."

To a grown-ass man, sleeping on the floor,

throwing tantrums like he's three or four...

Imagine what it's like to imagine your demise

because you despise your life.

To wanting to die so badly, you actually

try twice, and can't even do that shit right...

Your mind's still wet, so you try to inject

peace, and that sends you over the edge;

and what you do get; an unwanted overdose

in the end.

But nope! Not the way it goes.

Not the plan that unfolds, nor the story that "HE" wrote...

So now comes a change in tide,

To change your frame of mind, it's game time.

What to do? Nothing left to lose...

Your freedom's taken, no more seizing and shaking

from withdrawals that left you believing you're forsaken.

It's time to commit.

Time to forfeit all preconceived notions, that's all bullshit...

Find your motivation

Blast the stereo while Eminem keeps playing,

he seems the only one relating.

Recovery to relapse, relapse to recovery.

From hating life, trying to die, then experience

something like "LOVE"

come over me and I begin to believe in something,

like peace, dreams of a better life. 

Healthy eating, sleeping, exercise. Rolling with the punches-

Push-ups, shoulders, crunched.

Dehydrated muscle spasms, swallowing handfuls

of mustard. Won't quit, can't stop, hard-body

what I want.

Hard work , no play;

Shit, motivated all day.

My child a reason why...

Because when I look into those beautiful blue eyes,

I'm believing he's the reason I didn't die.

A man finally, who achieves his goals. 

They'll ask me one day...



I convinced my mind,

Trained my body...

And gave Him my soul...

Because I will never fold!!!