Shaun McCallum


Shaun McCallum Shaun is a single father, currently incarcerated for distribution of marijuana.  Despite life's hardships, he remains optimistic in his endeavors, and writes poetry as a means to provide society a vantage point to see through his eyes.


June 2019


 Uncharted Waters

Excuse me folks, please hold the commotion;

This will only take a moment, of your time which I know you hold to be golden.

Are you open to change, cuz it seems as though progress has been frozen!

It's time we take over instead of wishing and hoping.

See I have a notion, that our intelligence quotient could grow til it's the size of an ocean!

With current affairs they're drowning our hopes of promoting....

The tide is changing we're approaching waters that's unknown,

and my vision alone is like a wave that's rouge, overturning boats and won't leave nary an aircraft carrier floatin'!

Beware, the lifeboat that they've thrown in,

Its sinking on its own and, rapidly is approaching

The locker at the bottom I can see with my own; and it appears to me that it reads "Davey Jones"

Cut free of the anchor with a laugh and a grin, 

Hitch me a ride on the side of a tiger sharks fin.

Catch my breath on the surface so I can regroup,

Cut off the sharks fin and I'll make me some soup!!

Remove its skin too and make me some new boots,

I've been thru muddy waters dude that is the truth!

Now let's broaden our view as we open the scope,

Look close at the new lifestyle that they promote;

Smart homes and smart phones but they're watching you for real.

Ironically social media kills any chance at real social skills.

Government shuts down when they can't reach a deal, 

Over a wall that I don't give a damn if they build.

Wanna borrow 5 bil while kids starve for a meal

But politicians still get rich over on Capitol Hill.

The feds got your back if you're willing to squeal

Mass incarceration the prisons are all filled

Pharmacies start epidemics with fentanyl pills

For all the dearly departed I'll take a second to chill.

I feel my blood starting to rise.

Please be forewarned this morn I did see red skies!

A new Admirals in town and I'm bringing a fleet,

Breaking Free Poets time we rise to our feet. 

Bringing food for thought and there's plenty to eat.

It's coming out fast and doesn't have to be rationed,

We'll have the last laugh cuz this here's our passion.

Raise the red flag the systems collapsing;

Prepare to adapt as knowledge gets passed thru our captains,

Your ass can walk the plank or put our plan into action!

We're manning the wheel and correcting the course,

This compass for sure is set to due north;

Straight to the top where we can delight, Cuz on the horizon I see clear skies tonight!!!

Shaun McCallum


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Shaun McCallum  December 13, 2018

Breaking Free of these bonds and restraints of addiction 

Pitching fits doing time when I see all I'm missing

When that inner voice talks this time I must listen

What I get when I walk is a script yet to be written

The pen is my weapon, the ammunition is the ink

The lead that it's spitting is making you think

The days of my life through these rhymes are recorded

If pain has a price, I've amassed a small fortune

Makes me stronger if asked, and that's what's important

I will not ignore the courts orders, put forth as my guide

Rather be the source of the torch that keeps burning inside

Press forward reach toward the reward which is mine

To ensure she's informed of the storm on the rise

Be the voice that encourages positive change

So the ones that we've lost did not pass in vain

The years that it's cost can not be regained

But there are sunny skies when you look past this rain!e.


R.A.Y. of Hope


By Shaun McCallum

September 9, 2018

I'm exceptional in my ability to persevere.

Extraordinary how I let negativity fall on deaf ears.

Let's be clear; my extra-curricular activities 

explain my current amenities.

I concur if I heard you say:

I deserve exactly what's been given to me.

Presently my presence is excruciating and hectic.

But what the heck did I expect?

This time cannot break me,

I'll be damned if I let it.

After examining my existence,

I will extinguish pessimistic excuses

and extend a few olive branches as my life advances.

Don't assume you can exhume through my expressions

this lesson that's meant to leave a lasting impression.

The next steps when I exit,

I surely expect will be thoroughly inspected

by so called experts whose intellect 

I would call into question

Though it hurts,

I must accept and take credit for my child

who, through this I've unintentionally neglected.

As parents we're expected to set an example 

so they'll excel as an extension and perfection

of our own excellence.

Realizations are my resurrection

Re-assess and re-focus and set this new direction

Exhaust my efforts to experience what life has to offer;

but never again at the cost of my daughter.

In conclusion, I could give examples of new goals,

but that's exclusive;

tune in as the future unfolds!


Lord Hear My Prayer


By Shawn McCallum

September 8, 2018

Ill equipped for a battle of inner turmoil

Easily rattled, I feel my blood start to boil

The fury I feel is like some sick obsession

Inside me it's buried and keeps on collecting,

it builds in a hurry with each recollection,

I let it stay hidden within my depression.

My message dispensed through this pen there's no question,

This talent to rhyme is my prized possession.

Pain would eat me alive without it I've realized,

Pain reminds me I'm real and that's all that's inside,

Life cut me deep and I'm so tired of hurtin',

Take this blade please, it seems it's not properly workin'!

The dreams that I had, now my future is uncertain.

Call it curtains and fold the hand I was dealt,

I've been screaming for help, I can't do this myself.

I'm nervous although I look calm on the surface,

been living in hell and I've searched for a thermos,

Please turn down the furnace, Lord tell me my purpose.

I've hurt those the closest and shoved them away,

'Cause those that were the closest did me just the same

I'm ashamed, here I am face to face with my faults,

With nobody to blame and look at these results.

Reach deep within, prove them wrong at all costs.

But who is this "them"? It's only me that I see.

I'm all that I find, my own worst enemy.

There I am, wherever I go I can't hide

With the same fear of failure controlling my mind

and now I've arrived at this fork in the road

Am I losing my mind? Which way should I go?

Understand here and now I will take a stand

I did not plan to fail, I just failed to plan

Success can't be measured, well I believe it can be.

If I'm the best Dad I can be, then I'd say I've succeeded.

And if that's all that I do, then I'll give it my best,

And just pray to the Lord, "Please help with the rest!"


The Sun Will Rise

March 2, 2018 

Stuck in my thoughts, I'm stuck in my mind, 

trying to figure out why I'm being robbed blind 

Lord forgive me, you know that I'm trying, 

If I said I wasn't evil, you know I'd be lying. 

For that reason I pray for enemies of mine. 

They do not know their path has been paved, 

they don‘t want to get hurt, they must've forgotten my name. 

I'm still the same and don't care about a grave, 

Lord you better come quick 'cus these bitches need saved! 

Want someone to blame, call me Satan's slave. 

I know I've behaved so bold and erratic, 

walked right past a Bible and sure should have grabbed it, 

not for that each of my enemies had it. 

Could've opened it up and shouted a prayer, 

I swear this ain't fair they get to go up there; 

Now sit down in that chair and listen up player. 

Looking all scared by the stare in my eyes, 

you knew all along so don't act so surprised, 

You messed with the wolf, now it's your demise 

Getting me mad so I shout to the skies 

And though it's the devil, I'm believing his 1ies, 

manipulated my mind, my God, why can't I just die?

Bullet to the brain for my troubled mind 

I've hit rock bottom, I'm tired of climbing. 

I keep swearing to leave this lifestyle behind, 

I'm done once and for all, man fuck it I'm lying. 

Tears won't run anymore, the ducts have run dry. 

Verse two, but wait...Did I ever even stop? 

So is this verse two or back to the top? 

What do I do, I never heard the beat drop? 

So where are my people when I need a beat most? 

Because the shit that I'm spitting is burning quicker than toast 

Can't even see me, I'm in and out quicker than a ghost 

Fuck it all now, I've run out of hope 

It looks so far away when I look through the scope 

Oh, because I swallowed the barrel and hope that I choke. 

I'm so sick of the life that I'm living 

If death showed it's face, it's time that I give in 

Life's overrated if you want my opinion, ‘ 

send me to hell, I'd be Satan's minion 

But wait just a minute...Let me backtrack 

Let me pray to God first, or is it too late for that? 

He told me so many times to clean up my act 

So it's now or never, this may be my last chance 

So I fall to my knees and fold up my hands... 

Jesus Christ, you've been watching from up in the stands 

what the fuck man, was this part of your plan?

I've been swearing to… well to you, I was always your fan 

What about that bullshit and your footprints in the sand? 

Man fuck it! I give up, I think you'll understand! 

I'm going all in, I stand, I won't budge

I’m right on this edge, all I need is a small nudge 

Why is every move I make always being judged?

Like everything I've learned, but gained not a thing 

I swear I've been there, I already earned my wings 

Every time I rhyme an angel starts to sing 

All the pain I've suffered, and all I've endured 

Looked to the Lord and swore his word was my sword, 

then start questioning all that I was told before 

Everything in this life happened not exactly how I imagined 

started blasting out prayers in such a blasphemous fashion 

So was it you the whole time, or a wolf in sheep's clothing? 

Wait a minute...I think I know where this is going 

Questioned myself all along, but stayed knowing 

I'd dig my own grave if I played with the devil 

Lost my head a few times, could not keep it level 

But wait a damn minute, who the hell stole my shovel? 

Jesus, was it really you carrying me all along? 

"I showed you your casket, but not for now Shaun, 

I'm keeping you here on this earth, this is where you belong" 

"I told you it's always darkest just before dawn.”