willie moe

Crowded Space


December 4, 2018

I'm trapped in this mass quantity of space

Feeling claustrophobic and out of place

Alone, but not alone, my time is borderline

between fulfillment and waste.

And there's a thin line, where rhythm finds the

lane of vacancy and crowded space.

Sometimes I wonder...has my destiny passed, 

and am I too late?

It's like I once was, but now not relevant 

to the whole picture.

Where time lapsed, I took naps, now I'm blinded

by the whole system.

I broke bread, showed love, and ate from the same

plates as back stabbers, money grubbers, grimy people,

and cold snakes.

My battered body of wars and words,

trying to prove my worth

My existence is existing in a world that has no

compassion to hurt.

My tears are like diamonds, formed in the harshest

of elements,

where my bloody footprints track across the earth

in search for relevance.

My mind tries to think freedom, a place where peace 


Where hunger is not for food, but hunger for


Where truth is truth and lies as if it has never known

Where space is a place, feeling massive, but yet, home.

I'm trapped in this mass quantity of space,

feeling claustrophobic and out of place.

Alone, but not alone, my time is borderline

between fulfillment and waste.

And there's a thin line,

where rhythm finds, the lane of



Going the Distance


 December 3, 2018 

Many times I thought to give it up 

To just lay and wither away

and forget about the future plans

and dwell on the past which had me

ready to die today!

My past hurts too bad for me to

co-exist in the present

why keep dreaming about a brighter

future when life clearly gives

the message?

We spend most of our life in an

uphill fight, 

hoping the bell will sound,

and it is the final round

But, "Ding Ding," the bell rings

and again I'm swinging away

And again, I'm losing life's 

battle of today.

I've sweated so much 

I'm beyond dehydration,

I've shared so much blood,

I don't know how my heart keeps racing!

My hands are cramped,

My feet are bruised to the bone

My eyes are searching far in the distance

Hoping I'll see the place I call home!

Over the hills, around the mountains,

through the valley,

praying for the rays of the sun!

And my will power is in a raging battle,

refusing to let me give up.

Because each day that I wake is proof 

of the battle yesterday

I won!

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Aug 8, 2018


Reasons for Mass Incarceration

Is it the type of people or the # that makes the "mass" of mass incarceration?

feeling reincarnated at trial,

knowing that time has no patience,

feeling guilty for being innocent,

But since the beginning we have wronged

feeling the victory of a king, but instead,

swapped out like a pawn...

feeling the sense of confusion,

wondering what just happened.

It wasn't just an illusion,

or something your brain just tried to imagine,

it was the "lies and deceit"

the trickery the system gave us,

wrongly convicted sentences,

made out to look like Favors,

"Mass Incarceration"

People are scared to take it to trial,

given 100 years by your peers...

only makes you live in denial,

Don't worry, keep fighting,

that's who we are in history,

in due time, you'll do time

but one day you'll see victory...



July 10, 2018


As my mind wanders,

I dwell on my reality,

broken memories of my tragedies

make it harder to balance things,

but the truth of the matter is

I lack knowledge of the righteous

Even though life can be priceless

I feel lost and sometimes lifeless

My ways feel like habits

that sometimes can't be broken

like my prayers have been stolen

from the ones that have been chosen

Why must it be me?

I feel like my heart is so frozen

Even though my thoughts bring emotions,

my feelings are scared to open

What are feelings for?

When you try but can't control them

when you're down and feeling hopeless

when you're fighting to find a potion

and problems keep interloping

and your life is just going through the motions

that make it hard to focus

and when you try, no one even notices

and you lose those who are the closest

and the windows that were open

over time, seem to close

See I'm trying to find answers to my questions

but all I'm getting are suggestions

I'm not looking for acceptance 

I'm seeking pieces to breach the message

See, I'm confused who's teaching the lessons

of the truths in seeking direction

like the people that speak their perceptions

and the people they seem to reference

No wonder why,

we learn through making decisions,

Sometimes failing is the greatest affliction

it's not how you start, it's the way you finish

but still, I'm patiently paying attention

weighing my options and keeping commitments

See, trusting is hard

when you don't have forgiveness

trying to patch up the pain

But the wound is still vivid

See, this is the point

where finding myself is the mission

where I'm no longer stuck in positions

where I'm confused about my own disposition

and knowing myself is the only decision "please"

Close your eyes take your time and just listen

Cause there's a lot to learn but a little that's missing

Not saying their wrong, but the right is still given

and I'm just trying to decipher the ways of right living

Help me seek it...

Willie Moe


Trapped Inside My Tear



From my eye lid hangs a tear,

inside is the love which is so dear,

it may appear to you it's so clear,

but to me it's darker than fear.

I'm trapped inside of it, loss of sight,

surrounded by its walls, begging for light.

Battling my soul to win this fight,

cursing at my spirit for this pain of life.

As it slowly rolls down my cheek,

I can look up at my eyes and see defeat.

I see the war has begun, but I'm too weak.

I see my trembling lips, unable to speak.

From the bottom of my chin, I see my whole face with sorrow,

fighting the battle of today, but feeling no hope for tomorrow.

As the tear falls, I can hear the beats in my chest,

My heart is sounding troubled, the beats are getting less.

Passing my wrist, my hands drip with sweat,

Oh lord please help me, I see my pain inside this tear I'm at.

Beyond the knees, I watch them shake,

Watching my whole body, beginning to break.

With the ground only a few inches away,

I watched myself bow down, I was destined to pray.

Trapped inside my tear, I watch my only help,

look up to the heavens, and surrender myself.

Let go of my load,

To let God hold,

And before my tear hit the ground, 

I was freed, united back with my soul.